Mobile Baby yoga

Mobile Baby Yoga is designed specifically for babies wanting to move around more either through crawling, cruising or shuffling. Suitable from around 8 month until walking. The moves are more active and physical allowing babies room to develop their sense of space and balance - ready to move onto walking.
With the help of songs and rhymes we create and allow for plenty of movement and stretching helping babies make the transition from babyhood to independent movement. We encourage babies to keep mobile and help them grow stronger and learn to use their new found independence.
The yoga routines in this course are designed to reinforce and sustain the playful and loving contact between mums and little ones. We aim to create a strong foundation for our little mobile babies to help them face the new challenges that awaits them in the big wide world.
Mums are encouraged to re-connected with their own inner child and loosen up as we create this fun environment for mums and babies to enjoy.
 Limited spaces so book early to guarantee your place