About Me -

Celebrating 9 years in October 2020!!!

Hi Mummies, daddies and Babies

As a mum myself I attended a baby massage course with my little baby boy when he was 15 weeks. I found the results and response from him amazing. He loved being massaged and I found his sleep patterns settled very quickly as he started sleeping through the night. We worked the massage into our daily routine and it helped settle his colic and constipation - which was such a relief after having tried all sorts of other solutions!

This great change spurred me on to learn more about the physiology of babies and how massage helps so much. I have qualified with an Integrated Diploma in Baby Massage and Baby Yoga which is fully accredited by the Association of Independent Professional Therapists International (IPTI), one of the leading associations for complementary therapies in the UK.

When my little girl was born, I started to massage her and do yoga with her from day one and very quickly she was used to all the songs and movements and I found she was easy to settle. I truly believe in what we do and can see a difference in my contented little girl. The benefits of the massage and yoga were very obvious as she was sitting by 5 months and started crawling early.

With my knowledge and experience I hope to be able to help other mums out there to bond and care for their babies more easily.

I offer baby massage and baby yoga classes in various north and north west London locations so check for your nearest class today.

Having recently celebrated over 9 years of teaching baby massage and yoga to over 4000 mums in the area I am delighted to continue and meet new mums and babies every day.


  • Integrated Mama Baby Bliss Diploma in Baby Massage and Baby Yoga

  • Teaching for over 9 years and over 4000 mums and babies locally

  • Member of IPTI (Independent Professional Therapists International )

  • BA (Hons) Bournemouth University

  • Level 3 in AET - Award in Education and Training

  • Over 24 years of practicing yoga

  • Fully CRB Checked

  • Fully insured by IPTI

  • Mum of 2 gorgeous kids

  • Starting Solids Facilitator

  • Baby Bliss Yoga Post-Natal Yoga Teacher (UK)