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Christmas Vouchers are available for mums-to-be or new mums!

what is better than giving a new mum the gift of bonding and spending quality time with her baby!

Father's Day Baby Massage Workshop

Saturday 20th June 10.30am

The Perfect Father's day Gift!

Why not give them the gift of touch?

Touch is one of the most important senses babies are born with and in our 5 week massage course we help mums learn to massage their babies enhancing the bonding experience and the baby's sense of touch. Once mums know how to handle and soothe their babies they can help with any situation including colic, reflux, wind and constipation. So why not give your loved one a great gift today.

Baby Massage or Baby Yoga course vouchers for a new mum

To buy a £60 voucher for a course or a one to one session please contact me on