Hypermobility & Hypertonia

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Hypermobile infants and toddlers have joints that bend further than usual, often have some muscle weakness which leads to a diagnosis of low muscle tone in most cases have a cautious nature.

Infants and toddlers with joint Hyper-mobility may:

* Be late learning to sit, sit with a very rounded back or W-sit

* Skip crawling and bottom shuffle instead

* Hate tummy time

* Have tight hip muscles which affects crawling, walking and balance

* Avoid activities that are new or require effort and may have sensory issues

* Develop coordination and attention problems as they get old

When left untreated Hyper-mobile babies may develop:

* Poor posture / sitting between the legs (W-sitting)

* Muscle weakness and poor endurance

* Pain and fatigue e.g. when handwriting

* Different gross motor development

* Painful joints and muscles which may be acute or chronic

* Movement difficulties both gross motor and fine motor

* Difficulty with prolonged exercise

* A cautious nature (this may be secondary to their movement problems)

* Loose joints – tight muscles (usually around hips and shoulders)

* Flat feet

* Be more prone to injury

What is joint Hypermobility

Infants with joint hypermobility have joints that are able to bend further than usual and a trunk and limbs that appear to be floppy and weak.

The increased range of movement at the joints (sometimes called joint laxity or being double jointed) is due to differences in the connective tissue that forms the joint capsule and ligaments.

The joint capsule and ligaments hold together the bones that form the joint. The joint capsule and ligaments are formed by a strong but pliable material called connective tissue. Connective tissue can be stretched a little way, just enough to allow the joint to move through the typical full range of movement.

In joint hypermobility the connective tissue has more give and can be stretched further than usual. This means that the joints are less firmly held together and can be moved further than usual.

The increased pliability in the connective tissue also affects the muscles which may appear to be floppy and are often weak.

**This in turn affects how the baby moves and develops and may mean that the baby is late achieving the major developmental milestones **

How can you help your baby's Hypermobility?

We offer a set of specifically designed hypermobility baby massage and yoga sessions that help to develop your baby's muscle tone, aid with balance and allow them to control and have more body awareness and capability. Our sessions for hypermobility are individualised, depending on the severity of symptoms and impact on your child’s daily activities and we work with you to achieve visible gains from the sessions.


  • Maintaining a good posture while standing and sitting is important and we exercise to develop the correct muscles needed for this.

  • Developing muscle tone helps to protect your baby's joint and prevents joint damage through too much movement.

  • Building Brain-body-environment and connections - enhancing the use of both hemispheres of the brain.

  • Encouraging a positive and fun temperament and motivation in babies who may feel frustrated.

  • Teaching babies to explore and discover new ways of doing things and playing with their toys.

  • Teaching babies to use their hands to grow their brains through touch, muscle workout and correct grips.

  • Muscle strengthening exercises help stabilise the joints and prevent injuries and overuse.

  • The use of balancing techniques may help with joint symptoms and aid babies to sit unaided.

  • working on the muscles of the feet which will help when babies are ready to stand and walk.

We love to actively motivate and develop babies in a fun environment!

* We offer a set of 1-5 Sessions (recommended amount being 5 sessions block)

* These are tailor made after a short consultation depending on

your baby's age and physical ability

*In your own environment or at our studio in Mill Hill

*We provide all the equipment you need for the sessions

Email us today to discuss your baby's needs and our session availability and prices.




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