May 2018 Liron says:

Really enjoyed the course - thank you. Sharona - you create a warm and relaxing atmosphere.

May 2018 Trixie says:

I have thoroughly enjoyed this course (baby massage) and I feel Sharona has a really lovely disposition. Recommend it to everyone.

April 2018 Sharon with twins says:

You have been amazing. Been a great course (baby massage) see you again for baby yoga!

April 2018 Miho says:

The baby massage classes really helped with my baby's constipation. Thank you.

April 2018 Vanessa says:

Thank you - I have lots of ideas and songs to do at home now.

March 2018 Jessica says:

I joined the class looking for help with colic and the massage gave me a way to help my baby when she cries in pain. thank you for showing me how to calm her.

November 2018 Ronit says:

I've just finished the 5 week baby massage course with Sharonna and it was wonderful! She is warm and welcoming. The sessions were easy going and fun. I learnt another way to play and communicate with my baby, using touch. We added massage to our daily routine, which he loves! This is part of our fun time now

February 2019 Hannah says:

I took baby massage with Sharona and absolutely loved it. My baby would smile the whole time and have a long nice nap after every class. I thought sharona was a very friendly and enthusiastic teacher so I took baby yoga with her as well. I really like her classes because all the massage moves and yoga moves are done while singing different fun songs which my baby absolutely loved. We still practice all the moves and sing the songs at home. It is also a great way to meet other mums. Highly recommended!

February 2019 Rachel says:

I have just finished the baby yoga course with my daughter. Sharona is a warm and friendly teacher. The yoga routine was clear and easy to follow and we were provided with hand-outs so we could carry on at home with our baby. I would thoroughly recommend the baby yoga course. Not only do you get to spend quality time with your little one but you also get the chance to focus on yourself and learn some yoga moves that will help you to relax and tone your mummy tummy!

February 2019 Amanda says:

These classes are fantastic. My baby girl and I completed the massage classes first and then the yoga. My little one loved the classes, she was so relaxed and smiled loads. Also brilliant as she would sleep beautifully for a couple of hours after. Sharona is an amazing teacher, thank you! Thoroughly recommended.